quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2014

Ode to Street Photography

Oh man!

If there is one thing I love, that's street photography.

I mean, I haven't always been in love with street photography. I guess I've been more exposed to it ever since I dropped off of friggin' Facebook and started looking into blogs and Google+.
And I really love the way street photographers capture people's expressions, outfits, details. And the way many of them tell a story, to go along the picture. And you really bond! You really connect with the photographer, with the people in the photography... You fall in love with places, you want to go back to those places and capture yourself all the life there is to be seen and lived in that same context. Or different contexts! Same place, different contexts. Yes. You fall in love with places you thought you hated. And you damaged, skewed view of a place, that you got on a trip that didn't go so well, becomes fixed. You become healed, and you want so bad to give that place a second chance, and just go back and enjoy it.
And I won't even get started on how you do wonders for fashion! For the diverse and good part of it! For the cultures of the World!
People who can open your mind and heart like that just by taking a photograph of a moment in time are real geniuses!
Thank you guys!
You are a blessing to this world. :-)
I wish I could do magic like that. But I'm content by just looking at your works of art!

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