quinta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2014


It's so good to just sit back, relax and feast your eyes on this.
Just forget about everything else and travel the streets of the world without leaving the comfort of your couch...
And dream of different people, different experiences, different places, a different you.
Just for a moment or two.

2 comentários:

  1. The best part of dream about a different you is that you always can open your eyes and be back ;) hehe

    1. Yes, indeed!
      This procedure is not meant to be used as a means to escape reality.
      Reality will catch you in the corner, there's just no escaping. It's always best to face it. And then dream about making it better. And work to make those dreams come true! ;-)
      Expectations keep dreams alive. Without expectations, there's no fun in opening the eyes and being back. And that's a killer, a dead end.